Money and Emotions

Money is so emotional. It can bring people absolute joy and then can also do the opposite, absolute despair.

When it comes to money and emotions most people experience fight or flight. Our brain is molded throughout the years and the emotions are literally in our body. My favourite explanation of this is that babies and children are like little tape recorders and they don’t know when or how to turn the power off. We literally absorb everything as we are growing up. Our memories, whether good or bad, are within us always and it takes work to get through those memories and behaviours to ensure that we are present and not going into fight or flight when it comes to our finances.

Think about what your first memory was of money, what did that look like? Most importantly what did that feel like?

My first memory of money was stealing from my cousin when I was about 7 years old. She had a $50 Dollar bill and I took it off her dresser and pretended I didn’t take it for days. I finally fessed up as the stress of it was too much, I got myself into a lot of trouble. From that moment on in life I felt like money was against me, money hated me, money caused trouble, money caused stress. Sound familiar?

The energy of money is something we haven’t been taught. We have been thrown into a life that we feel is run by money and who have no clue what to do with it. Our parents also were thrown into this life and their parents were too. Generations and generations of families have been teaching us how to deal with money, but they were never taught. No wonder we are emotional about money!

It can get better, I promise you. Exploring your money story and recognizing the feelings and behaviours are so key to healthy emotions with money.

I can proudly say that through my financial recovery I no longer fear money. I am grateful for money every day because if I am not, the negative energy that I give money becomes my reality. Positive thoughts, forgiveness and gratitude are part of my daily practice for my financial recovery. Every. Single. Day.