Yoga Retreats & Financial Recovery

I just returned from a yoga retreat for women in recovery on Salt Spring Island here in British Columbia. On retreat the only things we have planned are yoga, meals and sharing circles. The rest of it is free time. With this free time, I always try to take time for me, time to really soak in the experience. At times it is talking to the amazing women (also noted that there is no small talk on these retreats, you dive in deep!!), other times it is reading, and then my all-time favourite activity = napping.

I take so much away from retreats but mostly what I take away is that I am taking the time to myself to connect with myself, to better myself. Every year I walk away from this annual event loving myself more and having a higher understanding of what I need to do to live my truth. I came home, left my current job, started a new one and have amped up my focus on coaching with a clear focus. I make it sound easy but it was for sure a process.

While I was away I thought a lot about financial recovery and my job as a Money Coach. Self-care is so important for financial recovery. You need to take that time to connect with yourself, find your higher truth. With this love and attention, you will see that your relationship with money changes.

My style of money coaching is behavioural, of course we do the technical but I really dive into why you have the relationship with money that you have. I think if we don’t find this we can’t heal. Self-care is essential to heal. My homework I give you often has some sort of self-care to it.

If you are full of shame, guilt, anger, frustration with your relationship with money I would love to have an opportunity to talk with you. It can get better, I promise.

Finding yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself, honouring yourself is part of the process of financial recovery xo