A Money Coach Goes To Costco

My heading made me giggle, reminds me of the saying of a” guy walks into a bar”. The irony struck me as funny. I digress.

Costco. I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. Have you ever walked into Costco and not been absolutely panicked when they tell you the total of your bill? Ya, me either. Every single freaking time I go in I am amazed of how much money I just dropped in one place, how did that happen?! Everything is so cheap but so expensive at the same time, hence the love/hate relationship that I have with Costco.

Last Costco trip I was irate and told my husband I would never shop there again, let it be known that is happens almost every time that I go. Cheap but so expensive. I got over my pity party and know that there are some things it would be crazy to buy elsewhere as I know it would be so expensive so I came up with a plan, I would have my budget in one hand and a calculator in another to ensure I don’t go over my budget and lose it at the checkout till.

I put my plan into place this weekend. Both hands ready with said plan. It was kind of life changing, also keep in mind that I think little victories are big victories;) I had a running tally my whole wander around costco, I would contemplate something, put it in my calculator and immediately put it back down. Game Changer!

I walked out of Costco elated! I got everything I needed within my budget. Things I needed, not that I wanted AND needed. It was the best experience I have had with Costco. I felt so proud of the financial warrior coming out in me.

Financial recovery can have its ups and downs but I promise you it mostly has ups when you are focused on living your truth with money.