Hit the Unsubscribe button

There are many words for the phenomenon but the best ones that I like to describe it are “retail therapy”. Have you ever experienced retail therapy? Me too. Many times. Did it feel as good as you had hoped? Nope, me either.

My newest pet peeve is emails from retailers. I bought a few things for work online and next thing I knew my email was flooded daily with all of their upcoming sales, what was one sale now and two hours before the sale was over I got an email from them letting me know the sale was ending and I needed to jump on it NOW! Not gonna lie, I felt a little bullied into the sale.

My point is that we receive so much information everyday and I know that most of you receive at least 5 emails a day for marketing of things you “need to buy”. Have you fallen victim to these emails? In the past I have too. Not anymore!

First tip is when you do purchase something online when you are at the checkout make sure you tick noto receiving promotional emails.  No guilt here, they won’t even know. Only the computer will know, it will keep it a secret! I used to feel bad not saying no, seriously.

Second tip is that when you do receive that email from a retailer scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and it will have in there in really teeny tiny letters, unsubscribe. Hit that button. This button will ensure that you will no longer be tempted by retail therapy.

My next blog I will get into needs vs wants. Do you need to click on the sale and buy a bunch of stuff? Probably not. If you need something you will make a conscious decisionand get that product.

Your email inbox, your credit card, your bank account and that busy brain of yours will thank you if you hit unsubscribe.