New Year, New You?

Its that special day, New Year’s Day. The day where most of the people in the world are either on day one of a resolution or they are already making an excuse for today because well, its New Year’s Day so it doesn’t count. They will start tomorrow. Sound familiar?

I have been asked a few times in the past month leading up to the new year what I think of New Year resolutions as a money coach. I say I don’t personally have resolutions and I often don’t find it is something I would recommend around money. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for this year to be the year that you become financially successful and you start working on your relationship with money. I want that for everyone. Money is already a HUGE pressure on people and I don’t believe that January 1stis a magical day that is going to solve all of that pressure, stories, bad feelings, trauma etc. that comes with money. 

If a resolution brings you to want to work on your money issues then I applaud you, but I will tell you that your issues won’t be solved because its January 1stand a new year. I will be very excited you have chosen to choose financial recovery and will tell you that the rest of your life is going to change. I will also tell you that you have to do the work to get there and a New Year’s Resolution is not the work, it’s an idea that sometimes is a false feeling of success. On January 2nd, 3rd, 4thetc. comes and you start to feel unsuccessful and defeated it’s really hard to keep going when you don’t have tools in place. 

I think of it like when I stopped drinking alcohol. Sure, I quit drinking alcohol but that is just a small teeny tiny part of recovery. I had to do a lot of freaking work to quiet that addicted voice in my head. It was a daily struggle. When I jumped in and did the work and found the tools it helped immensely and I am still sober today and would never be if I never did the work. I will also add that I continue to do the freaking work, its necessary. It’s hard but so worth it. It’s the same with financial recovery. I do the work every single day.

Overall, I think New year’s resolutions are a lot of pressure on yourself and can be more harmful than good when you don’t feel like you succeed. 8% of people who set resolutions are successful. I want you to be successful. I want you to choose financial recovery because that’s what you want for your life. New Years is definitely a time where people think about this and I am so excited if you are thinking about this. It can be your year, I believe that. It won’t happen overnight and you will not be recovered on January 2ndbut taking the first step towards making the decision to financially recover is a pretty awesome start and the work will come when you’re ready. Be easy on yourself. You have 365 days of opportunity ahead.

Happy New Year’s to you and your family. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2019 xo